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Dissertation writing is one of the hardest assignments a postgraduate or graduate can face during the working process. Unlike research papers or essays, this task means you present the base of your knowledge regarding a particular theme. Moreover, you must be ready to reply to specific questions and defend different points of the matter orally. It means you should conduct an active scientific research.

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There is a small number of relevant dissertation methodology services dedicated to the implementation of qualified scientific work on the market of educational literature. Their over-theorized papers that are detached from the realities are hardly understood by the young scientists and even their tutors. Such services do not provide students with the quality needed to earn the highest grade.

Often, a modern graduate student is not ready for independent scientific work. At the same time, the appointed tutor does not have time to do “highlighting” job.
Scientific guidance is reduced to rare meetings with graduate students and reading ready-made papers. The effectiveness of interaction often depends on the good will of the scientific leader and his “sympathy” for the graduate student.

As a result, there is a decrease in the scientific activity of graduate students and applicants. The emergence of such difficulties does not allow them to realize the possibilities of independent research. Due to the absence of proper motivation and a busy working schedule, the post-graduate students decide to pay money and shift responsibility for writing a dissertation to the third party.

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So, is it possible to choose a topic for a dissertation without having proper experience? You should start with the choice of a scientific specialty. Someone makes this choice before entering the university or in the process of training. Graduate study is a logical continuation of the research work conducted by the student during the period of training within the chosen specialty. A final qualification work is a basis for the abstract provided upon admission to the postgraduate study.

However, future graduate students often do not imagine what topic to choose. In this case, the ideal option would be to combine the topic of scientific research with the field of basic work.

General Recommendations on Topic and Structure

Start a conversation with your tutor. During the first meeting, the scientific adviser can talk about the problems in your area of knowledge that you will be able to use as the topic of your dissertation.

There are several ways to search for the topic and approaches to writing your dissertation:

  1. If you work in the main field, you may be aware of the relevant problems (e.g., social problems, enforcement, etc.), which can form the basis. For lawyers, the source of such information can be, for example, the materials taken from judicial practice, including reviews prepared by courts. Formulate the identified problems, summarize, and discuss with the tutor.
  2. Analyze the programs of your graduate school. Among the problems declared for studying, there may be interesting ideas. There can be a separate list of topics that are recommended to postgraduate students.
  3. Look at the recently defended works in your field. Perhaps, the problems posed in them are still relevant, and the studies devoted to them are still insufficient.
    You can formulate your topic as in the example: “The role of law in the development of science and innovation.”
  4. First of all, your tutor should recognize the thesis of the topic. The topic might be interesting from a practical point of view, but it may lack theoretical part to discuss.
  5. Beware of choosing an insufficiently studied topic. To formulate a scientific problem means to find out known and unknown facts about the subject of research and to analyze the degree of the problem’s elaboration. The research problem determines dissertation methodology, its purpose, and objectives.
    The right choice of the research topic and dissertation introduction makes it possible to assume its theoretical and practical significance.
  6. Avoid broad themes. Dissertations “about everything” are often in fact “about nothing”; they are often superficial and independent.
How Does It Work?

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