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No matter if you have to write a simple school essay or complete a full Ph.D. dissertation, you should develop an eye-catching thesis statement. In case you work on your essay, it should be a brief sentence at the end of your introduction paragraph. However, a dissertation may require preparing a separate document known as a thesis proposal. Still, dissertation’s thesis statement is usually a single sentence as well. There can be several theses if you work on a big project.

Many students feel unsure about writing this part of the academic paper, so they prefer to look for the online thesis. Watch out for fraudulent and scam websites. It is better to choose the academic service from the list of Google top websites.

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Below, we will cover the general rules of writing a good thesis paper as well as the reasons to pick our academic helpers out of the rest online writers.

Factors to Consider before Ordering Thesis Online

There are certain factors to consider before starting to work on your thesis as well as the entire paper.

  1. Decide on the paper’s type, main goal, and target audience
  2. Come up with a question to provide an answer in your essay
  3. Take a stance; make sure it can be proved.
  4. Make it in two parts: a clear, concise topic and a summary of your discussion
  5. Restrict the length of your thesis statement up to two sentences

It is recommended to start with the topic or question selection. Our professional thesis helper will explore the best issues related to your course.
We choose the topic and develop further thesis statement based on the following criteria:

  1. Amount of information available on the topic
  2. Relevance of the question for the modern society
  3. Whether the topic is debatable
  4. Your personal requirements

Once the topic is coordinated with you, the assigned writer from Ideal-Essays.Com starts working on the essay’s outline, abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion. In the end, we always add Works Cited page to show the sources your writer was using and citing all the way through.

You may not worry about your thesis format as well. Local writers know the entire Purdue OWL website as well as writing style guides by heart. They can complete your work in any format: MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver, IEEE.

If you wish to know what makes thesis presentation good, you should know the basic rules of writing this part of your essay.

Secrets of Excellent Thesis Writing

1. A good thesis statement is never broad but focused.
You have to narrow down the list of possible questions to cover. It is better to focus on one issue not to get lost in your writing. Our writers do not write something like, “Smoking is bad.” They would rather say, “Smoking in public places should be banned as, according to statistics, 50% of the passive smokers experience the same problems with lungs as their smoking colleagues.” See what we mean?

2. Concentrate on a debatable topic.
A debatable topic is the one which may lead to further intense discussion in the community. Your thesis sentence should sound as it is calling your target readers to continue the discussion after finishing with your piece.

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It is better to avoid writing something like, “There are a lot of people who suffer from the dependence from violent video games.” Instead, try to add some ‘spice’ by telling, “The number of violent video games should be limited as well as access to them as statistics show that 60% of teens ignore their studies being distracted by online and video games.”

3. A strong argumentative thesis always picks one of the sides.
Writing a thesis is like choosing between two sides of the coin. Our professional writers always add the opposing point as well. Teachers grade high only those essays which contain the opposing views. It makes the paper sound more objective.

4. A good thesis explains what the reader can expect
A thesis statement should also contain information on what you will be discussing further in your essay. However, it is still important to make it short. Leave the details for the abstract part.
By the way, when you order writing from scratch at our website, you obtain a lot of free options.

  • Title page
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  • Abstract
  • Formatting
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5. Hire an expert writer to complete your thesis
When it seems that the subject is unfamiliar to you, it is recommended to find a personal thesis advisor to assist you during the process.

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  • Writing from scratch
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